This is the family that has attended the True Jesus church from our ancestors until now. The reason writing a letter to you is that I think you need to notice the reality of the True Jesus church in Korea. I think the True Jesus church is much different than I remember the time when I was young. In the past, pastors made an effort to close to the bible, but present pastors don’t try to God rather they are same as other church’s (it belongs to the earth).

In those days (we argued with pastors), a number of believers were discounted with the title: “True Jesus church”. So there were many arguments among believers. They think that the title is really a bother of mission work. So they tried to change the title many times and also said “now on, don’t say that we could be saved by the True Jesus name!” That was many of Korean minister’s opinion too.

Pastor jason, do you know about this matter and does Taiwan church know too?

Like this, they trampled and scorned God’s name and it means that the God’s name is despised by the people of having God’s invite. The God’s morality of the True Jesus Church is dead and none of them are wailing about this situation.

We aren’t highborn and don’t have high degrees, so we are weak and shabby persons. We don’t speak Chinese and also English, so we are all in this stuffy situation. There are none of pastors listening to our warnings in Korea. Even though the young Korean pastors who have been taught in Taiwan, they preached with the Christianity books or sermon books that belong to the church in the earth and ignored out warnings.

So it felt strange like that I attended in True Jesus Church, but the doctrine which I learned belonged to other churches. Now the true Jesus Church is as same as the church which made by men. They preach like that there are salvations in any other churches nearby. But ironically, they emphasize to come to the True of Jesus Church. Do you think they are talking sense? That’s the reason we wall think that it’s bing different preach from Taiwan.

I think you still remember the sermons that you preached in Korea. We’re going to pick one sermon that you gave us in Korea to explain that the Korean minister is wrong. That is about the Esau and Jacob. The Korean ministers controvert your sermon.

They said that Jacob was nasty and coward because he took off all blessing of his older brother by cheating, so that older brother, Esau was deceived by Jacob and lost the primogeniture. They strongly insisted this opinion but we couldn’t even understand their purpose. And when they were in front of the believers to preach, they usually yelled and insisted nonsense opinion, so they really weren’t pious. These acts made us to question of their identity as being a pastor.

And also they started to saying about a change. The purpose of change is about changing stereotypes of True Jesus Church, so they intended to accept outside world’s lesson. Because of this way, we got clashed with them, so we took out courage to against with them and didn’t follow their opinion. But, unfortunately, they even said that “Why are you blocking the way of the True Jesus Church for the future?” “Why don’t you just stop believing Jesus or stop coming to the church?” Just like this, they showed contempt to us, slandered and laughed at us, and they also thought that we trouble makers.

They kept saving that “God wants us to be harmonious but you are not part of it.” But, my question is how come to be harmonious without God. There were many things happened there, but I can’t explain all in the letter. Anyway, we decided not to follow their instructions and not to go there. Leaving our message: “If you so eagerly want to betray God, we would let you go.” we let them go to follow their wishes. So we have stayed at home until Jesus come to save us, following the name of true Jesus. (2Corinthians 6:17 Therefore come out from them and be separate, says the Lord, Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you.)

When that happened, we all stayed at home doing the worship, keeping our faith to God. In the past, we all felt like the Abraham who didn’t know which way he had to go. But one day we got a vision that God gave to a believer. [On the top of the mountain, there was a very narrow space which could accept only one house. At the highest mountain, there was a house surrounded by silver lights. Someone said this is the holy house of God. And the space was an area which men couldn’t climb. Wondering how a man could climb here, the believer looked down the endless way of the mountain.] After this vision, we get consoled.

But after the vision, we had still worries. Because we didn’t have a pastor or knowledge of the bible, we had a fear that we were abandoned at desert. We thought that “What’s going to happen between God and us.”, “We all debated with them about the real truth, but what if we were wrong?”, “Should we follow their ways just like the other believers?” We worried a lot, so we prayed to God that please don’t abandoned us, all we want is just to make you happy and pleased, and we entirely give our soul to you.

In the middle of this prayer, a believer had vision of God. [The believer got a letter from the heaven. Someone rushed to the believer to read the letter quickly.] After some days, another believer had a vision of God. [The believer also got a letter from the heaven. The letter looked like a blueprint and there were many letters and pictures which we had never seen. Someone wanted the believer to open it up and ordered to read it. The believer interpreted each words of the letter from beginning to end. And then woke up with deep pleasures.]

After that vision, we all started to understand the bible. We realized that the True Jesus Church is the beginning of the body. We understood that the quarrel and envy is not the Holy Spirit.(James 3:14) Former rain of Holy spirit is a seed of the True Jesus Church. After the seed is sowed, the commandments come out from the Holy Spirit. (1cornthians 15:36-37)So the True Jesus Church’s work is not the Holy Spirit’s work, but the commandments work and the duty in the doubt.

The Holy Spirit deeply understands God’s work. (1cornthians 2:10-11) The person who accepts the Holy Spirit can know what the God’s work is. We know that any one who born in the Holy Spirit doesn’t make crimes (1 john 5:18), and that any one who is in the Christ Jesus has not condemnation. (Romans 8:1) That’s written in the bible.

So the True Jesus Church is the body form. I will more explain in following letters. After we started understanding of the bible, from the genesis to the revelation, both inside and outside, flesh and soul were all opened.

We tried to inform his instruction to United States, First, we visited a pastor, Chung-Do Oh in Los angeles to tell him these words. We asked him to inform this instruction to the True Jesus Church in United Stated and wanted to make a peace with him by the Lord’s name. And we wanted to consult to peace with the former rain and latter rain. We went there for God’s providence.

But he didn’t hear our words and evenly he said that if he would be revealed as a false prophet, he would not believe our words. The reason he said is that his instruction which we gave him was spoken by us. So he couldn’t believe the fact that these words are revealed to us. And also he said that thought our words were all whitten in the Bible and right, he couldn’t believe because the teller was us. And he said that he had studied for 45 years, so it was natural that God’s instruction be opened to him.

Like this, pastor OH couldn’t believe that we all opened God’s doctrine and he ignored us who went to America just to visit him. He ignored the word in Bible- From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise.

And the he started to explain about the human systems and arguments of authority in Korean True Jesus Church. We refuted his knowledge, saying that the True Jesus Church was the flesh form, that’s why there were lots of cracks and the church couldn’t get the holiness. We said if he thought more deeply, this was good news to pastor OH. But he also disapproved us.

(2john 1:7) Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist. And also (Revelation 22:13) I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. That’s what God said in the Bible.

But, how the Apostolic Church comes to be the beginning of the True Jesus Church? Long times ago, they already were completed and were saved by God. So the present True Jesus Church is another savior, am I right? God gave us another chance to be saved. So now the True Jesus Church is the eastern alter. (Psalms 50:1) God speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets. So we should arrive to the place where the sun goes down.

If you stays as the flesh, that means you are serving Gods of eastern sun. Until now, the prophecy has been made by human story, but now we should change to God’s side (the spirit). God wants us having numinous worship. Now we should stop preaching the childish doctrine of flesh.

After we had a conversation with pastor Oh, God gave us another vision that there are none of Korean pastors we can trust. [In the vision, he said that there were no angles in Korea, but the angels of Taiwan all went to United States] Following this vision, we send this letter to you. And you should know that this is the last endeavor to inform the Lord’s instruction to the True Jesus Church.

We hope this letter be sent to you with the Holy Spirit meaning.

P.S. There will by following letters so that we could explain more, but we worried if the translation was wrong or not, so we also attached the Korean version of files. If you need a help from Koreans, you should not find among Korean pastors and find another person who you can trust.

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